Owner Resources: Fireplace Safety Info


Questions? Contact Us. Call 1-888-427-3973 (option #3), email us at hhtinfo@hearthnhome.com, or fill out the form below to receive your safety screen.

For Quadra-Fire products manufactured before January 1st, 2003:

  • We will provide an ANSI-compliant retrofit safety barrier screen free of charge, you simply pay shipping costs.

For Quadra-Fire products manufactured after January 1st, 2003:

  • We will provide the model number of a replacement safety barrier screen that was originally designed, aesthetically styled and came standard with your product, which can be easily purchased from your local dealer.
  • Or, you can choose a generically-styled retrofit safety barrier screen that complies with the new ANSI standard revision that will be effective in 2015. This will be shipped directly to your home for $99 USD including shipping.

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