We are Quadra-Fire: The People Behind our Wood Stoves

Stories behind our wood stoves at Quadra-Fire

At Quadra-Fire, we pioneered wood stove technology with patented innovations like the Four-Point Burn System and Automatic Combustion. Based in Colville, Washington, our team takes great pride in producing the best wood stoves and serving our valued customers.

We are proud to introduce you to a few members of our team!

Colville Leadership Team

The leadership team in Colville, Washington, manages all aspects of producing more than 25,000 wood and pellet appliances every year. They are skilled at navigating targets for quality, delivery, cost and value, with an intent focus on rapid continuous improvement fundamentals and operational excellence. Meet the team (L to R): Trista Mapes, production manager; Lennie Sellers, financial controller; Brian Wallace, engineering manager; Adam VandenBerg, quality manager; Alan Miles, vice president and general manager; Nic Guenther, materials manager; and Shannon Tucker, human resource and community relations manager.

Quadra-Fire Customer Service Team

This highly dedicated team of customer service specialists excels in surpassing customer expectations. Whether guiding dealers to choose the right accessory or helping order service parts, their combined 65 years of product knowledge ensures a thorough, accurate and expeditious customer service experience. Meet the customer service specialist team (L to R): Ruth Jones, Kathy Royama, Kathleen McNinch, and Patti McIrvin.

Product Development Experts Ken Gross and Chad Hendrickson

With more than 48 years combined industry experience, these two hearth experts have helped deliver a remarkable 11 new Quadra-Fire products the last three years. With a keen focus on performance and ease of operation for consumers, they are deeply committed to delivering on the Quadra-Fire brand promise that “Nothing burns like a Quad.” Meet Ken Gross, senior product manager, and Chad Hendrickson, brand director.

To learn about one of our most recent exciting product introductions, the Discovery Series Wood Stoves, click here.

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