Can fireplace inserts be technically advanced? You bet they can!

What comes to mind when you think about technology and how it has made our lives easier? Probably things like Google, smartphones, and more recently, cars that tell you when you’re about to crash. Yes indeed, technology continues to forge ahead and everything around us is getting smarter. But what about fireplaces? Are they advancing and getting smarter? Of course, the answer is YES! This is the first in a series of blogs about gas fireplace technology and how it has evolved to make our lives easier and our homes warmer.

Today’s gas fireplaces are light years ahead of those that were manufactured even as recent as 10 years ago. FireBrick® is a great example of what can happen when tech-savvy engineers put their heads together. FireBrick is an energy-conserving, patented firebox technology. It produces up to 25% more radiant heat than traditional metal fireboxes, which are common to most gas fireplaces. Available in select Quadra-Fire gas fireplace inserts, FireBrick refractories are designed to send heat into rooms faster and steadier, while using less fuel.

Molded from layered ceramic materials, FireBrick is one-piece seamless firebox design. The material and design provide excellent performance by trapping heat inside the firebox and radiating it into the room. This reduces the need for a fan inside the fireplace to distribute heat. FireBrick quietly provides warmth to the room, while conserving energy and helping to reduce your heating bills.

FireBrick looks great, too. Its design provides a larger fire viewing area than most gas fireplaces, and it’s easy on the eyes with a rich seamless brick masonry design.

Efficient and attractive, FireBrick is one of the most noteworthy fireplace advancements in recent years. Keep tuned to this blog to read about more gas fireplace technologies soon!

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