Burning your wood efficiently saves time, money and trips to the wood pile. Here are our top tips for getting the most heat from every log.


Getting the most heat out of your wood-burning stove, fireplace insert or fireplace involves more than simply stoking the fire. To avoid the added expense and labor of burning through your log stash too quickly, follow these tried-and-true tips for maximizing each and every load. 

1. Hot Fires = Cleaner Fires
How hot should you run your stove, fireplace or fireplace insert to get the most heat and cleanest burn? Lab testing shows that burning at medium to medium-high heat provides the cleanest burn, delivers the most heat and cuts down on chimney buildup.

2. Use Seasoned, Dry Wood
Wet, unseasoned wood causes smoke, weak flames and a poor heat output. Invest in a moisture meter and test your wood to make sure its moisture content is less than 20 percent. There are simple tests you can do yourself to gauge the moisture content of your wood. Master them, and you’ll be on the path to burning more efficiently. 

3. Keep Your Chimney Clean
While it’s easy to get behind on routine maintenance, keeping your chimney free from buildup (also called creosote) ensures your wood-burning fireplace or stove is burning efficiently and most importantly, safely. Tip: Bookmark our Wood Stove Maintenance Checklist for a full rundown of tasks, broken out by how often you need to perform them (weekly, monthly or annually).

4. Run the Right-Sized Unit
It is important to have an appliance that’s proportionate to the size of your space. A stove that's too big means you won’t be able to sustain fires hot enough to burn efficiently and cleanly, and too small means you’ll be turning up your furnace. Square footage, insulation and other heat sources are all factors to consider when determining the right size stove or fireplace. If you’re unsure or have questions if your unit is the right size for your room, give your local Quadra-Fire dealer a call to set up an in-home evaluation.

Quadra-Fire Discovery III Stove
The Discovery III delivers heat efficiently, thanks to Automatic Combustion Control, a technology that allows you total control the airflow to the fire, allowing for faster start-ups and more consistent, extended burns. 


5. Add Zone Heating for More Efficiency
Zone heating is done by targeting specific areas of your home with its own heat source. Don’t waste money heating the spaces you’re not using. Zone heating can cut your energy consumption (and fuel bill) as you’ll be turning down your furnace while still heating the areas where you spend the most time.

6. Invest in a Newer Model
Outdated stoves and fireplaces burn more wood in less time. By investing in a stove or fireplace with cutting-edge technology, you’ll enjoy longer burns and fewer trips to the wood pile. Quadra-Fire’s standard features to boost efficiency include our patented Four-Point Burn System that burns and reburns wood, smoke and gases to get max heat, and our Automatic Combustion Control that feeds the fire with air when it’s needed most and controls it for consistent, extended burns. Curious if your stove is out-of-date? Read this post on Three Warning Signs Your Stove Needs Replacing.

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