Heating with pellets has benefits both rational and emotional. Here’s why…

More than 1 million households are heating with pellets in the U.S. today. That’s a lot of people, and every year the number grows. It’s because people are finding out that pellet heat is good for their wallets, and also for peace of mind.

First and foremost, heating with pellets can save money – especially if your central heat system uses heating oil or propane. Pellets are also really good for the environment, and can put your mind at ease. When burned in a high-efficiency pellet stove, they are considered to be carbon neutral since no new carbon is released into the existing natural cycle. Pellets are also made from recycled wood and agricultural products, and are available produced in the U.S.

So, by heating with pellets instead of fossil fuels, you’re not saving money, but reducing carbon emissions and also our country’s dependence on foreign oil. That’s huge.

So what’s not to love? Pellet stoves really are awesome. This infographic says it all…

You can learn more about pellet stoves by visiting a Quadra-Fire dealer, and checking out the options here.

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