Make your hearth stand out...

Your stove or fireplace is the heart of your home. It’s where people gather to warm their toes and their hearts together. Complete your hearth with accessories, inside and outside! They can be beautiful while also serving a functional purpose.

Decorative Termination Caps
In addition to the important function of ensuring safe exhaust flow, termination caps can be upgraded to be both operative and beautiful. A variety of sizes and designs are available that can will accent and make venting systems more attractive.

Hearth Pads
Providing a stable, noncombustible foundation for stoves and inserts, hearth pads can be as attractive as they are functional. You can match any décor with several attractive options.

Containers for Wood or Pellets
Because they come in many shapes and sizes, you can find the perfect container for your biomass!


Fireplace Tools
If you have a wood fireplace, tools are not only essential, but they are practical accents.


Free-Standing Fireplace Screens
Placed as a barrier between the fireplace and curious little hands, a free-standing fireplace screen is a must-have if there are small children near your fireplace.

Heat Resistant Gloves
Not a fashion statement but a must-have for safety, heat resistant gloves will protect your hands and lower arms when maintaining your stove or fireplace.

Happy accessory hunting from all of us at Quadra-Fire.

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