If you're thinking about heating with pellets, read on

There are many benefits to heating your home with a pellet stove. The most prominent being reduced heating costs, especially if your central heat source is fueled by costly propane or fuel oil.

Pellet stoves are efficient heaters because they are equipped with advanced, built-in technologies that boost performance and make burning pellets easier.

An example is Quadra-Fire’s Advanced Energy™. Designed for ease of use, it has a programmable thermostat that continuously monitors room temperature and adjusts the heat level. Outfitted with an automatic cleaning system, Quadra-Fire stoves with Advanced Energy can burn multiple fuels, including pellets, corn and wheat.

Today’s state-of-the-art technologies have made pellet stoves convenient and easy-to-use. And by heating your home with pellets, you can save money while utilizing a renewable fuel.

Visit your local Quadra-Fire dealer and a hearth expert will help you choose a pellet stove that's right for you. Meanwhile, you can see the options here.

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