Temporary burn bans can happen – here are tips for safe and smart burning indoors and out.

In some areas of the country, weather and environmental conditions can trigger burn bans. While they are often temporary, you’ll want to stay informed when firing up your Quadra-Fire wood stove indoors, and also for outdoor fires in during the warmer months.

Outdoor Burning: Fire Safety Bans
It’s summer and for many of us, that translates to enjoying the fire outdoors. Whether you have an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, you’ll want to keep tabs on burn bans in your area. Most burn bans are activated due to prolonged dry weather. The result is dry grass, leaves and vegetation – and they can ignite without a moment’s notice, especially if it’s windy.

Regardless of the conditions, when you have outdoor fires, always have a water hose nearby to douse any stray sparks or flames. And before turning in for the night, make a habit of always completely extinguishing your outdoor fire.

Indoor Burning: Air Quality Bans
It’s somewhat dependent on where you live, but if you’re a wood stove owner, you may be familiar with burn bans for indoor stove use. During cold months, calm winds and certain weather conditions can make the air stagnant, trapping air near the ground. Conditions like this, combined with increased wood burning, sometimes make air quality burn bans necessary.

How to Stay Informed
There are many ways to find out if there’s a burning ban in your area, be it for fire safety or air quality. Contact your city or county for options to stay informed. Some municipalities and agencies will send text alerts, and some even have mobile apps that provide detailed and updated information.

Whenever you’re burning indoors or out, make Smoky proud by enjoying the fire safely!

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