Ensure your cabin stays warm and cozy, no matter the outside temperature, with a Quadra-Fire wood stove.

In the foothills west of Denver, the town of Conifer, Colorado (elevation 8,277) offers a perfect location for hunting cabins, skiing chalets, weekend getaways and second homes. At Conifer-based Inglenook Energy, owner Dorothy Matthews has been helping residents and visitors make sure their retreats stay warm and cozy year-round, no matter what the outside temperature.

Matthews has been operating her store for more than 32 years. She and her husband started the business as “something to keep us busy during a downturn in the economy,” but soon found they’d become an essential part of a close-knit community.

Finding the right cabin stove
“We do get a steady stream of people looking to keep their cabins warm with wood stoves,” she says. “People up here tend to heat with wood, since wood is a readily available fuel source. Because we live in a cooler climate, it’s also nice to have a wood stove for that ‘cabin-y’ atmosphere.”

Questions to consider

Here are some of the considerations Matthews brings up with Inglenook’s shoppers:

  1. Do you have a plentiful source for firewood?
  2. How big an area do you need to heat?
  3. How will you be using the stove? Do you require overnight burns or are you primarily looking for something to take the chill out of the air and add some rustic atmosphere?
  4. Do you require a flat surface for cooking and water heating? (An important factor for cabins without electricity or running water.)
  5. Is environmental impact important to you?

Most popular: Quadra-Fire

For smaller cabins with an easily available wood source, Matthews often recommends Quadra-Fire Discovery I or Discovery II models. “They are the most popular units we sell,” she says. “Their compact design provides the right amount of heat for smaller spaces, especially for cabins between 500 and 1,300 square feet. We also sell quite a few Millennium 2100 models, which deliver powerful performance in a compact package.”

All these popular models offer Automatic Combustion Control for advanced heating control for long, clean and efficient burns.

Matthews, who has been selling Quadra-Fire for more than 10 years, is sold on this brand’s features: “I always tell customers that Quadra-Fire will be a very dependable wood stove,” she says. “It has the reputation of being clean-burning and efficient, which is a concern I’m noticing among more of my customers.”

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