Quadra-Fire owners told us they do, and why…

Do you have a stove that you love enough to recommend to your family and friends? We recently asked Quadra-Fire owners if they do, and they let us know!

“I would recommend any Quadra-Fire stove. They are the best of the best. I love mine and couldn’t live without owning one. Thank you Quadra-Fire!”
- Colleen P. via Facebook

“I would (and have) recommended the Quadra-Fire 7100 wood fireplace because it easily heats our house and is beautiful to look at as well.”
- Cindy C. via Facebook

“We had a Quadra-Fire Mt. Vernon pellet insert put into our existing fireplace. It’s a great heat source – just set the thermostat and add pellets once a day. It’s easy to clean, keeps the house toasty and has a battery backup if we lose power.”
- Sandra L. via Facebook

“We love our Isle Royale wood stove, and we’d definitely buy one again!"
- Julie C. via Facebook

“The Classic Bay 1200 pellet stove looks great and heats like crazy. It can hold a ‘ton’ of pellets so you have to fill it all the time.”
- TJ C. via Facebook

“I would absolutely recommend the Yosemite wood stove, especially for smaller homes. It has stylish look and is very efficient. Our two German shepherds love it as well!
- Matthew M via Facebook

5700 Step Top Wood Stove

Mt. Vernon AE Pellet Stove

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