Make sure your Quadra-Fire performs its best with these tips.

The gales of November arrived in a big way this year with below-normal temperatures in many areas of the country. But if you have a high performance Quadra-Fire pellet stove or insert, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank instead of paying through the nose for propane or fuel oil. Here’s how to make sure it’s primed and ready.

Maintain It
At least once a year, your pellet stove or insert should be cleaned and inspected. You can do it yourself by following instructions in the owner’s manual, or you can hire a pro from your local Quadra-Fire dealer. In addition to cleaning the stove, he or she will inspect vital components like the auger, motor, hopper, switches, blowers, wiring, seals, sensors and exhaust pipes.

During the coldest months when your stove is working its hardest, it needs some attention. On a regular basis when the stove is cool, clean the ash out of the burn chamber area and the ash pan, scrape the burn pot, and keep vital components free of ash, such as the airwash system (if your stove has one) and venting. The owner’s manual will have instructions specific to your stove.

Keep your view of the fire clear by cleaning the glass occasionally. When the stove is completely cool, use a soft cloth and a glass cleaner specially formulated for pellet stove glass. Don’t scrape the glass with any sharp objects! Scratches will compromise the integrity and strength of the glass.

Mt. Vernon AE Pellet Stove

Light It
Brands and models of pellet stoves vary, so be sure to reference your owner’s manual before starting. These instructions are general, and assume your stove has been installed with required clearances to combustibles, and proper hearth protection and venting.

For pellet stoves that have automatic ignition:

  • With the stove’s power OFF, fill the hopper with wood pellets.
  • Turn the On/Off dial to your desired heat setting.
  • If applicable, adjust your blower speed to your comfort level.
  • The stove will now heat to your desired temperature or heat setting (as the temperature in the room goes up and down, most stoves will shut down and reignite as needed).

In the event you want or need to manually ignite your pellet stove:

  • With the stove’s power OFF, fill the hopper with wood pellets
  • Select your stove’s lowest heat setting, and wait for pellets to partially fill the burn pot.
  • When you hear the combustion motor start, pour the recommended amount of starting gel on the pellets.
  • With a match, light the pellets/starting gel mixture in the burn pot and close the door.
  • When the pellets in the burn pot have been burning for a few minutes, set your desired temperature or heat setting.

And a word to the wise – never use any kind of igniting fluid other than starting gel, as it can damage your pellet stove.

The winter season has arrived. Embracing it is more rewarding with a pellet stove. Don’t have one yet? Check out all the models and options here.

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