Learn how a freestanding gas stove can transform your home into a toasty getaway.
The Quadra-Fire Excursion II Gas Stove in a living room.

It’s no secret that fire brings unmatched warmth and ambiance to a home, creating the perfect space to gather and relax. With temperatures dropping, many homeowners are preparing for the cold weather upon us. This season, consider adding a freestanding gas stove to bring heat to the heart of your home.

In this blog post, we will cover what a gas stove is, how it adds value, and how to choose one to add to your home.

What is a Gas Stove?

Gas stoves, otherwise referred to as freestanding gas stoves or freestanding gas fireplaces, are space heating appliances that use natural gas or propane as the fuel source. With many homes equipped with gas line hook ups, gas stoves are a popular heating option for those looking for ease of use and complete control of heat output.

Gas stoves utilize direct vent technology, which means they pull 100% of the air needed for the fire from outside the home and expel 100% of the exhaust outside as well, while efficiently heating your space. Unlike traditional wood fireplaces, which use chimneys, direct vent gas stoves use a stove pipe to keep the heat you want inside, and the cold you don't, outside the home.

What are the Benefits of Owning a Gas Stove?

1. Ease of Use

Unlike other heating methods, gas stoves provide the next level of ease of use, meaning you are spending more time by the fire and less time chopping wood or hauling bags of pellets. In addition, there’s no downtime for heat as compared to other methods. Unlike pellet or wood, gas lights immediately with the push of a button or on some models simply say "Alexa light my fire", keeping fire effortless all season long.

2. Precision of Control

Enjoy complete control of your fire. Gone are the days of constantly fidgeting with wood to achieve your desired heat. With a gas stove, you can adjust your heat with a remote control thermostat or an app. Simply set your desired room temperature and let the stove do all the work.

3. Real Flame Look and Feel

You and all that visit your home will enjoy and beautiful, dancing fire and glowing ember bed every time, along with the warmth and heat of a real fire—all without the hassle. Gas stoves display real flames, creating a beautiful, glowing ambiance that frames all of your favorite memories by the fire.

4. Easy Installation

With a direct vent gas stove, installation is a breeze. Whether you have existing gas lines in your home or need to run a gas line and add a propane tank, it can all be done in less than a day. Direct vent gas stoves can also vent horizontally right out an outside wall as long as it is above ground. Making this the easiest way to heat your space.

5. Minimal Maintenance

While routine cleaning is essential for the overall health and lifespan of a gas stove, it is very minimal. In comparison to pellet and wood stoves, which require some level of hands-on cleaning and loading daily, gas stoves are a great option for those who want to spend less time tending their appliance and more time lounging by it.

How to Choose a Gas Stove

Like many other appliances for your home, there are several considerations when finding the right stove for your needs. Once you've decided on a gas stove, it's time to consider the following:

  • Price range
  • Brand
  • BTU (heat) output
  • Size (footprint)
  • Material (steel or cast iron)

The best stove for your home is dictated by your wants, needs, and lifestyle. If chopping wood isn’t your idea of how you’d like to spend your free time, a wood stove will not suit your lifestyle. If you want to enjoy a real flame all season long with minimal effort, a gas stove is a great option for your home. Keep in mind, an electric stove or fireplace does not heat at the same caliber as wood, gas, or pellet; rather it usually is installed to emulate the aesthetics of a fire.

If you are unsure of what fuel type you would like, explore Quadra-Fire's line of gas, pellet, and wood stoves to see what type of stove is best suited for your needs.

Quadra-Fire's Excursion II Gas Stove

The Excursion II gas stove is the newest addition to the Quadra-Fire family. Equipped with a steel heat exchange system, this gas stove delivers 32,700 BTUs, the perfect addition to any small to medium space. Within less than a day of installation, you will be able to lounge by the warming glow of your new gas stove.

This gas stove features not only the heat your home needs, but a sleek, modern aesthetic you’ll love. Sit back and relax during the cold months by enjoying the quality you can see and feel. Complete with a wide viewing window, this stove is perfect for watching the mesmerizing glow of the real gas flame. The Excursion II offers ample storage space below the firebox, which stays under 100 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can safely place decorative elements, such as blankets or pillows, to add to the cozy oasis in your own home.

Capture control at your fingertips with the optional IntelliFire app. With this functionality, you can ensure peace of mind by controlling your fire from anywhere.

Next Steps

Adding a gas stove to your home is an exciting new addition. From creating a warm, inviting ambiance, to greater efficiency and heat output, a gas stove provides ease of use and reliability all season long. To learn more about the hearth purchase journey, explore our buying resources.

Ready to take the next step in making your gas stove dreams a reality? Contact your local dealer to learn more about adding a gas stove, like the Quadra-Fire Excursion II, to your home.

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