Important considerations when making a wood stove purchase.

Your Home Deserves the Best Wood Stove – Here Are Tips for Choosing One

It’s the age of information and when making purchases, smart people spend time researching online. Choosing the best wood stove qualifies as an important purchase, and if you are one of those smart people, you’ll carefully research and plan prior to swiping your credit card or writing a check. To help expedite the process, there are several time-honored and new technologies and materials to consider when buying a high quality wood stove.

Four-Point Burn System
While Quadra-Fire invented this technology 30 years ago, the patented Four-Point Burn System present in all Quadra-Fire wood stoves, fireplaces and inserts continues to earn its place as a premier, top-performing burn technology. The system burns and re-burns not only the wood, but gases and smoke up to four times, meaning every bit of energy in the wood is fully utilized and turned into heat. The result is powerful heat requiring fewer trips to the wood pile and minimal ash to clean up. Since it’s non-catalytic, the system does not degrade in performance over time.

Smart Burn Technology
Quadra-Fire’s new Adventure series stoves are equipped with Smart Burn Technology and programmable thermostats. In addition to precise heat control, you can program separate heating schedules for weekdays and weekends to coordinate with your schedule – similar to a programmable thermostat for a furnace. This intuitive technology will also alert you when it’s time to add wood to the fire.

Automatic Combustion Control
Other Quadra-Fire wood-burning stoves feature Automatic Combustion Control (ACC) technology, which is a burn-rate control system that feeds air to the fire when needed, based on the amount of heat desired. It provides reliable, hassle-free heating – it’s as simple as loading the wood, lighting the fire and selecting high, medium or low settings for optimum home comfort.

As you research high quality wood stoves, you’ll find that Quadra-Fire is built on a legacy of quality construction, high performance and patented technologies. It’s the brand that revolutionized home heating.

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