Here’s how to light your pellet stove like a pro.

Daylight saving time has ended and we all know what that means – dark, long nights and frigid temps are coming. Yep, we’re headed toward the inevitable – winter darkness. But here’s something you might not know … it’s not uncommon for pellet stove owners to get, well, a little giddy this time of year. They actually embrace the snow and relish in the cold. Not because they’re particularly tough (although some are), but because soon they’ll be enjoying the coziest heat there is – the kind of heat that only pellet stoves can deliver.

If you’re thinking about joining the ranks of jovial pellet burners, you may be interested to know that lighting a fire in a pellet stove is different than wood. Similar, yes – but quite different. If you’re a pellet stove owner (or wish you were), check out our tips for starting a great fire.

Here’s How to Light a Pellet Stove
Since brands and models of pellet stoves can be slightly different from each other, be sure to reference your owner’s manual before starting. These instructions assume your stove has been installed with required clearances to combustibles, and has the proper hearth protection, venting and a power supply.

For pellet stoves with automatic ignition:

  1. With the stove’s power OFF, fill the hopper with wood pellets.
  2. Turn the On/Off dial to your desired heat setting.
  3. If applicable, adjust your blower speed to your comfort level.
  4. The stove will now heat to your desired temperature or heat setting (as the temperature in the room goes up and down, most stoves will shut down and reignite as needed).

In the event you want or need to manually ignite your pellet stove:

  1. With the stove’s power OFF, fill the hopper with wood pellets
  2. Select your stove’s lowest heat setting, and wait for pellets to partially fill the burn pot.
  3. When you hear the combustion motor start, pour the recommended amount of starting gel on the pellets.
  4. With a match, light the pellets/starting gel mixture in the burn pot and close the door.
  5. When the pellets in the burn pot have been burning for a few minutes, set your desired temperature or heat setting.

A few words to the wise: We’d recommend wearing fire-resistant gloves while lighting the fire. And don’t use any igniting fluid other than starting gel, as they can damage your pellet stove.

So there you have it. Now you’re “in the know” and can spend many winter nights in the warm glow of your pellet stove. Don’t have a pellet stove? You should get one. Check out the many options for sizes, designs and styles here.

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