Four no-fuss party ideas for New Year’s Eve

It’s time to break away from wrapping presents and plan a New Year’s Eve party! One of the best (and warmest) places to ring in the New Year is in the comfort of your own home, with friends all around and your trusty Quadra-Fire burning bright. Here are some ideas to light your fire (no pun intended).

Make it Festive!
New Year’s Eve is a joyful occasion, so get everyone in the spirit by handing out party hats and noise makers as they walk in the door. No matter what the age of your family and friends, party favors will set an upbeat and jovial tone for the evening. If you’ll be taking down your holiday decorations before the party, go buy some brightly colored streamers and balloons to make the space festive.

Festive Foods
Make it easy on yourself and do an appetizer party. Ask everyone to bring their favorite appetizer to share, line them all up, and have everyone vote for their favorite. Give the winner a prize - it can be of the white elephant goofy variety, or a real prize like a gift certificate. This will raise the bar for next year’s party!

Dig out the Games
Liven up the party with some good old-fashioned competitive games. For active guests, turn on the TV and hook up the wii for some tennis or downhill skiing. Or how about blowing the dust off your old Twister game and setting it up in the middle of the room? Board games like Apples to Apples and Catch Phrase are great for larger groups, or you can simply get a lively game of cards or dice rolling.

Capture the Moments
Make the evening even more memorable by snapping photos for sharing after the party. You can take them yourself, or ask a friend to do it. Prior to the party, buy some props like bolas, goofy hats, or masks.

It’s Midnight – Pop the Bubbly!
Lead everyone in a traditional countdown to midnight – it’s a must on New Year’s Eve! And then pop the bubbly and let the toasting and smooching begin. Make it fun for everyone by providing both alcoholic and non-alcoholic sparkling beverages.

When it’s past midnight, the party is winding down, and everyone’s ready to head home, remember that real friends don’t let friends drink and drive. Be a gracious host and offer coffee and snacks, or a bed or couch.

Have a great time ringing in 2015 on New Year’s Eve! From all of us at Quadra-Fire.

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