It’s true. If you live (and love) a rural lifestyle, you’ll want to check these Facebook pages out!

Life outside of the big city can get quiet, particularly if your nearest neighbor is five miles away. Even if that’s not the case for you, Facebook provides a great way to connect with like-minded people who share your love of the land and outdoors. We’ve rounded up a variety of pages you may want to “like” – each with a little different angle to appeal that may appeal to you.

Mother Earth News
With an eye toward the environment and conservation, Mother Earth News helps us do our part to preserve the beauty around us. Learn about making your own shampoo or growing strawberries, or how to restore old wood. Beekeeping, rural living, green homes, DIY projects, and related content will help you devise strategies for conserving time, money, water, and electricity on all your future projects.

Hobby Farms
Hobby Farms magazine feeds its 369,000 Facebook fans fun little tidbits and videos about raising chickens, sheep, bees, and other assorted small acreage animals. Woven into its posts are gardening tips from fertilizing to pest control, and recipes for down-home cooking and home remedies that you’ll want to try. The ideas shared on the page aren’t just for hobby “farmers.” They’re so helpful that nearly anyone can learn a thing or two here.

Grit Magazine
Of all the pages we’ve highlighted here, Grit is the “grittiest” of them all. [And perhaps it’s the one that appeals the most to Quadra-Fire owners who don’t mind getting a little dirt under their fingernails.] Its content is more about rural living and less about home decorating, with recipe ideas sprinkled in here and there. You can learn about foraging for wild berries, rotating crops, or building a chicken coop – as well as raising and harvesting the chickens. Join the other 382,000 people who “like” this page and stay in the know on all kinds of helpful information for country living.

Cowboys & Indians
As the “premier lifestyle magazine of the West,” Cowboys & Indians’ Facebook page highlights western art, fashion, home décor and personalities. If you love design, fabrics or colors generally attributed to, or influenced by, the Southwest or American Indians, you’ll love the Facebook page and the magazine. It doesn’t necessarily cover the rustic rural life so much as the ritzy, high-brow western and ranching lifestyle. You can also get the news on old-time country music legends or rodeo stars through the Facebook page.

Don’t forget, Quadra-Fire is also on Facebook, where we share maintenance tips and special offers, as well as highlight new products. You can also follow our latest ideas, connect with other adventurous “stovie” types, and drop us a message from time to time. We also run special offers and contests, so get in on the action and “like” us today!

From all of us at Quadra-Fire, embrace a Facebook community, and make sure to have plenty of fires along the way!

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