How to build a woodpile properly, and then enter it for a chance to win money!

The leaves are falling and the Harvest Moon is bright. Autumn is here and if you have a wood-burning stove or fireplace, you know what that means – time to fire up the chainsaw or hatchet and play lumberjack! Or just call to the wood delivery guy (not as much fun, but with similar results).

To GUIDE you through the process, we’ve included some tips below. To MOTIVATE you to rev up that chainsaw, we’re having a contest for the “best” or “most creative” woodpile! Simply snap a photo of your woodpile masterpiece and post it to the Quadra-Fire Facebook page. You could win one of two $200 American Express gift checks! We’ll also be giving away brand T-shirts! The winners will be chosen on Friday, October 4th. Share your photo with friends and family for the most likes. Don’t delay and motivate! Best of luck to you and your woodpile!

Meanwhile, here are some tips for properly choosing, cutting, splitting and stacking firewood.

Choose It

Dense woods from broadleaf species like oak, ash, maple and hickory are the best choice for burning. They will provide longer-lasting coals, produce less smoke and sparks than lighter woods like pine, cedar and fir.

Eyeball It

Consider the size of your firebox when cutting logs – they need to fit! This will spare you lots of frustration when having fires this winter. Lengths of 16- to 18-inches will fit in most stoves and fireplaces – measure the first few logs you cut, and then eyeball the rest so they’re about the same size.

Split It

Logs that have been split burn better, are easier to handle, and fit into fireplaces and stoves better than un-split logs. Logs can be split by hand using axes, mauls and wedges. If you harvest and burn a lot of wood, consider investing in a motorized wood splitter.

Stack It

Wood needs to dry in order to burn well. Stack it up off the ground – keep the bottom layer of wood from contacting the ground by stacking it on a base, like cinder blocks. Crisscrossing the layers of wood will create spaces for air and promote drying.

Season It

Make sure your wood has been seasoned properly, and we don’t mean sprinkling some salt on it. It will burn best if it’s been able to dry for at least one season after being cut, split and stacked.

Burn It

You can get the most out of your hard-earned wood with the right fireplace or stove. The most efficient wood-burners are EPA-certified, meaning they’re outfitted with the latest technologies. It’s best to choose wood-burning stoves, inserts and fireplaces from established brands like Quadra-Fire. One load of wood will burn and produce heat for many hours, requiring less trips to the woodpile. And because EPA-certified hearth products burn so efficiently, they produce low outside air emissions and very little ash to cleanup. Well worth the investment, you’ll enjoy warmth, ambiance and comfort and warmth for many years to come.

Quadra-Fire 5700 Step Top Wood Stove

Good luck in the contest!

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