The Discovery Series comes with plenty of choices to get it "just right."

When Hearth Expert and Senior Product Manager Ken Gross talks about Quadra-Fire's Discovery Series, he’s proud he was in the room when it came to fruition in 2014—where the engineering, marketing and design teams got together for a brand ideation about a new, easy-to-use stove.


At the time, he didn’t know how consumers would embrace the new look and features of the stove. Once the Discovery series hit the market and the strong sales and rave customer reviews began pouring in, he had his answer. “We originally thought it would be a limited edition model, but that idea quickly got extended,” Gross says. “It’s one of our best-selling models, and it’s outselling every other stove out there.”


He credits the stove’s most popular features, like a taller firebox that eliminates the “wood stove bend” necessary for refueling with other stoves. “Once the base got taller, we realized we had created some space at the bottom, so we put a bin under the firebox so you could store a day’s worth of wood right at the stove. People loved eliminating multiple trips from the woodpile to stove. I call it the ‘no-traipsing’ factor—eliminating the need to have a dusty, dirty wood basket sitting next to the stove.”


Because it’s so well designed, the stove looks great in the summer too. “I’ve seen the wood box used as extra storage space, or get dressed by displaying candles in there. It always looks really cool.”


Just like Mamma, Poppa and Baby Bear, this series was designed to have a “just right” option for every space. Discovery I heats 800 to 1,000 square feet, Discovery II will heat 1,000 to 2,600 square feet, and Discovery III heats 1,100-3,000 square feet.


Gross is also proud of one of Discovery’s most popular design features: 12- x 12-inch side tiles that can be swapped out or mixed-and-matched for changing décor and seasons. “People love being able to slide those tiles in and out whenever they want to change things up,” he says.


Working on a product that’s proven to have such enduring popularity has been gratifying for Gross, a 30-year Quadra-Fire veteran. “The Discovery series lives up to its name—allowing you to discover the possibility of what can be done with a wood stove,” he says. “It’s simple and easy. The design of the stove was a great combined effort by so many folks, and it really has paid off for our customers.”


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