Not all wood stoves are created equally, so choose wisely.

Be more environmentally friendly with this wood stove

Successfully living off the grid – or partially off the grid – requires planning and careful preparation to ensure your home is comfortable and safe. Having heat during the winter months isn’t an option – it’s a requirement for obvious reasons. The warmth of a wood stove is a natural fit for off-grid heat, as wood is inexpensive, readily available, and a green, renewable fuel. Burning wood in a stove is the best option since heat is radiated from all sides of the stove, and technologies built into wood stoves make them highly efficient, clean burning, and convenient to use.

If you’re living off (or somewhat off) the grid and heating with wood, it’s important to choose a stove wisely. Quadra-Fire’s Adventure Series II or III wood stoves are smart choices for several reasons. Packed with the best stove technologies available today, they are solid steel stoves outfitted with Quadra-Fire’s patented Four-Point Burn System for clean burning and efficient fires.

Adventure Series stoves automatically control and maintain the heat within a few degrees of your set temperature via a programmable thermostat, virtually eliminating the need to adjust manual controls. And when it’s time to add wood, the stove lets you know, eliminating the need to continually check. It’s as easy as loading the firebox with wood, lighting it, setting the programmable thermostat, and walking away. We call it Smart Burn Technology, and once you live with it, you’ll never want to live without it again.

Heating with wood is the best choice for off-grid heating, and it’s more convenient and cost effective than ever. When compared to heating with propane or fuel oil, burning wood in a highly efficient Quadra-Fire stove can reduce your heating costs by up to 50 percent – or much more if you harvest your own fuel.

Quadra-Fire is built on a legacy of quality construction, high performance and patented technologies. When you need a durable, work-horse of a stove, look no further than the brand that revolutionized home heating.

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