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It’s not every day that you add a stove or fireplace to your home. Sometimes all the options and unfamiliar terms can be perplexing if you’re new to this, so we simplified the process with a new online tool! It’s called My Hearth Planner. It’s free and will answer your questions and offer recommendations in less than five minutes!

Available on the Quadra-Fire web site, My Hearth Planner takes the guesswork out of planning a hearth project.

In an intuitive online format, it asks all the right questions… Are you leaning toward a fireplace, stove or perhaps a fireplace insert? How about fuel – gas, wood, pellet, or electricity? In what room do you want your hearth products, and on what wall? And what style do you prefer – traditional, or perhaps contemporary modern?

Based on your answers to these questions and more, My Hearth Planner will provide a preliminary project plan including recommended hearth products that fit your requirements, available options, front styles and ideas for finishing the wall, such as stone surrounds, mantels, and even mantel décor.

Check out My Hearth Planner today. It’s an intuitive online tool, is scalable to your project, and it will save you time!

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