Select an EPA Certified wood-burning stove and you will enjoy the benefits of a real, crackling fire without smoke-filled rooms!

Sitting near a cozy fire while enjoying conversation, your favorite beverage, or a great book is a comforting feeling like no other. And while there are many hearth options that can bring warmth and ambiance to your home, an EPA Certified wood stove is a great choice for those seeking a traditional feel. By selecting an EPA Certified wood-burning stove, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of a real, crackling fire without smoke-filled rooms.

When browsing options for a wood stove that will suite your lifestyle, it’s important know which stoves provide advanced technology that will help you get the most burn for your buck, like the Quadra-Fire Four Point Combustion System. This technology, found exclusively in Quadra-Fire stoves, ensures the best burn possible at four points within the stove:

  1. The first point takes place underneath the fire in the ember bed. This step helps ensure proper air flow into the fire, creating a more robust flame.
  2. The second point happens in the main area of the stove, between the fire and the door, also ensuring air flow is efficiently circulating and proper combustion is being executed. This step also increases air flow throughout the unit resulting in cleaner glass.
  3. The third point is visible just above the wood and fire and ignites the gases that rise from the wood.
  4. The fourth burn zone is not visible to the naked eye, but occurs just above the third point. In this burn zone, any remaining impurities are burned before they are dispelled.

Because of the burn effectiveness in each of the four zones, all of the wood, gases, smoke, and impurities are burned, leaving you with maximum heat, a more efficient burn, and a longer-lasting fire.

Popular options for wood stoves that feature this exclusive technology include the Quadra-Fire Yosemite wood stove or the classic Quadra-Fire 4300 Step Top. No matter what your style, by choosing a Quadra-Fire wood stove with a Four-Point Burn System, you can rest assured you’ll be getting the best burn for your buck.

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