Is a wood stove on your holiday gift shopping list? Maybe it should be!

The Perfect Gift: Wood Stove

When you think about wood-burning stoves, what comes to mind? Images of your grandfather adding logs and stoking the fire on Christmas morning? Warming your toes near the hearth after building a snow fort with your friends? For many of us, wood stoves stir memories of special times like these – and sometimes we wish we could go back in time and experience them again. Wood stove nostalgia runs deep because it’s often centered on simpler times when the world seemed to spin just a little bit slower.

Fast forward to adulthood, and there are many advantages to heating with a wood stove, like saving money and heating with a natural resource that’s renewable – wood. And trust us, when it comes to efficiency and convenience, today’s wood stoves are light-years ahead of grandpa’s stove. Even so, our love of wood stoves can’t just be measured by dollars saved or reduced fossil fuel use alone. Wood stoves make our houses feel cozy and secure, naturally drawing family and friends close together to enjoy the fire. And that’s priceless.

The holidays are almost here, and we are guessing a wood stove might not be on your holiday shopping list yet. But think about it ... for someone very special to you, a wood stove is an intimate and practical gift that will bring them warmth and comfort for years to come. And remember that qualifying stoves purchased before Dec. 31, 2016, will qualify for a $300 U.S. government biomass tax credit. More information about the biomass tax credit is available here, and we can help you choose a high quality wood stove here.

Even if a wood stove doesn’t end up wrapped beneath your tree, we wish you happy holidays from your friends at Quadra-Fire!

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