Clever ideas and time-saving tricks to make your next splitting session easier than ever.

From the North Woods to the Great Plains, smart wood splitters are sharing their tips and tricks via YouTube. Check out some of these clever ideas and time-saving tricks to make your next splitting session easier and more efficient.

Splitting Basics
Life in Farmland’s “Getting Things Done” series gives a good overview of the ways to approach different types of woods and splitting situations.

Splitting A to Z
From the best angle for a chopping block, to the best technique for “slabbing” large chunks of wood, this video is a great overview for the entire splitting process.

Read Before You Swing
Make it look easy by following these simple guidelines on axe placement.

Posture Tips
The Art of Manliness reviews the best ways to stand and swing, both to protect yourself and to make the best use of momentum. The video promises to teach you “how to harness your inner lumberjack and split firewood with your own hands.”

Split-O-Nater Keeps it all on the Chopping Block
This viral DIY trick from Wranglerstar Modern Homesteading uses materials you’ve already got on your workbench, and keeps all the parts of a log neatly in place.

Retreads for Splitting
From This Old Tool, a wood-splitting trick that keeps wood in place by using an old tire. It really works!

A New Way to Split
The traditional vertical split is replaced by a horizontal-angle technique developed by this splitter, who says his approach is safer and uses less energy.

Splitting Safety Reminders

  1. Create an “axe yard” with visible boundaries and warn others to stay away
  2. Keep your axe or maul sharp to prevent it from bouncing off wood
  3. Wear protective goggles, gloves and steel-toed boots
  4. Place wood on a firm surface
  5. Plan your aim before you swing
  6. Never swing the axe around your body

Once you’ve split your wood, it’s time to stack it! Follow this link to learn the 10 Steps to a Winter-Worthy Wood Stack. And please show off your wood splitting and stacking skills by tagging your Facebook and Instagram photos with #woodstackskills for a chance to be featured on our page!

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